The assistance that the Legal Office gives to its own clientele is also extended to provide extralegal consulences and Legal advises if needed. This garanties an appropriate management of Juridical situations and reserch of the possible actions to undertake. In this context it’s proper to count the long experience matured in collaboration with the present contractualistics which are used; from the most traditional (sale, location, and rent, agents,mediation, bailment, bank contracts and summons) to the most recent and innovative ( franchising, marchandising, leasing etc).

The chambers is able togive asssistance to foreign people who have patrimonial interests on the national territory: patrimonial interests,  properties, entrepreneurial. The legal Office garanties the development of activities connected to all matters concerning buying, transfer, management and administration (even for fiscal aims)of properties; opening of hereditary succession and all the consequential problems that could derive, including consensual divisions and the temporary administration of the pending heritages.

The consulance and assistance activity of the Chambers is also well showed in the sector of affable and transactive closing of issues concerning commercial law, claim for damages, hereditary divisions, donations, the voluntary jurisdiction, Civil status and condominium matters.

Many were, and continue to be, the functions offered by some members of the staff, also on demand of the Judiciary authority, concerning guardianship, recievership, special guardianship for minors and arbitral functions. 



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